This is some of my projects.

eslint-plugin-overdrive a collection of eslint rules which enhances productivity tsup-problem-matchers Problem matchers for tsup tasks in VSCode vitest-testdirs A utility for Vitest to create isolated test directories cdn-resolve 📦 Resolves packages to their CDN url termenv Terminal Environment Utilities esbuild-import-transform ✨ Transform imports in esbuild neoman A small yeoman alternative The website you're currently viewing. github-actions-bundlers A repository to test github actions with a different set of bundlers mosaic ⚙️ Customize my projects on farver A tiny color library eslint-utils A collection of utils that works great with ESLint esbuild-yaml 📦 A esbuild plugin that allow import of yaml files zod-error-utils Zod error utilities unplugin-yaml 📦 A unplugin that allow import of yaml files utils ✨ A collection of utilities for JavaScript/TypeScript tsconf-utils Utilities for working with tsconfig.json files jsonc-parse A lightweight JSON with Comments parser. esbuild-cdn-imports This plugin intercepts imports and resolves them to a CDN URL. volapyk Generate random and meaningless blocks or sequences github-languages 🎨 GitHub languages with colors and file extensions hooxs Build a powerful project with typed hooks for a smooth plugin API. ✨ elysius Find a file or directory by traversing eslint-config 🔧 My ESLint Config strip-json-comments strip comments from your json github-schema GitHub's GraphQL schema github-emojis A list of all available emojis on GitHub lesetid 📖 A dead simple read time estimation remark-lesetid 📖 A dead simple read time estimation